Undergraduate Associates

  • Julie (Chengzhi) Fang

    Department: Economics

    Certificate(s): Math Track Economics/ Statistics and Machine Learning/ Humanistic Studies 

    Research Interest:  I am interested in trade and relations between U.S. and China. I also love learning about policy-making in the field of technology, such as cryptocurrency and Artificial Intelligence. As a lover of math and statistics, I am interested in how data science can be applied to policy-making.

  • Roopa Venkatraman

    Department:  Politics

    Certificate(s): Finance

    Research Interest:  I am interested in development economics, data science, and the intersection between technology and law. Specifically, I am interested in how government policy challenges constitutional precedence, especially in regards to data security and confidentiality.

    Hobbies:  Coxswain for Open Weight Women's Crew, running, reading

    Hometown:  Cranbury, NJ


  • Joshua Haile

    Department: Wilson School of Public & International Affairs

  • Jiangying Gao

    Department: Physics

    Certificate(s): Creative writing, French

    Research interest:  I'm interested in the financial impacts that changes in the Sino-American relationship could potentially bring forward. Because of my background in physics, I'm also especially interested in public policy in the scientific field. I'm excited to explore how the social and political aspect of decision making intertwines with technological advancements in modern society.

  • Leland Domaratzky

    Department:  Economics

    Certificate:  Finance, Applied and Computational Mathematics

    Research Interest:  I am interested in questions of ethics surrounding our financial institutions. In addition, I am motivated to research social security reform. Major interests also include healthcare reform, endogenous growth theory, and hyperinflation.

    Hobbies:   Chess, hiking, and reading

    Hometown:  Princeton, NJ

  • Charles H. Thompson

    Department: Economics

    Certificate: Finance

    Research Interest:I am interested in the effects that government policy can have on the finance industry, as well as the government's responses to new trends that develop in the finance sector. I am also interested in the effects that monetary and fiscal policy can have on the nation's economy.

    Hobbies: surfing, playing ukulele, basketball, soccer

    Hometown:Los Angeles, California

  • Miaokuan (Tiger) Gao

    Department:  Economics

    Certificate(s):  German/Art History

    Research Interest:  I'm mainly interested in the intersection between macroeconomic issues and public policies. It is exciting to use effective economic policies to improve the lives of others and transform societies. More specifically, I've devoted most of my energy studying issues related to economic growth and inequality, financial intermediation, banking regulation, monetary policies, credit bubbles, and sovereign debt crises.

  • Jacob Berman

    Department: Economics

    Certificate(s):  Finance, Political Economy

    Honors, Awards, Prizes or Publications: The Daily Princetonian Editorial Board

    Research Interest: I am interested in the role and effects of government regulation on the private sector. Specifically, the tradeoffs between fiscal policy and monetary policy, and the effectiveness of the Federal Reserve's interest rate policy, and the implementation of quantitative easing during recessionary periods.

  • Thomas Salotti

    Department: Anthropology

    Certificate(s): Entrepreneurship and Journalism 

    Research Interest: I am primarily interested in international trade and the global economy. More specifically, I'm looking at customs unions and the external trade policies that countries work together to create. Examples include the European Union, the Gulf Cooperation Council, and MERCOSUR. As an anthropology major, I am also interested in the effect of these types of public policy on citizens' lives and well-being.


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