Undergraduate Associates

  • Phoebe J. Park

    Department:  Civil and Environmental Engineering

    Certificate(s):  Engineering and Liberal Arts

    Research Interest:  Phoebe is interested in International Development through Infrastructure. She is particularly interested in how transportation affects economic growth on the whole as well as balanced growth across all socioeconomic classes.

    Hobbies:  President of Princeton Katzenjammers (a cappella), Class Government Officer, Events Chair of Princeton Electronica

  • Michael Wang

    Department:  Mathematics

    Hobbies:  Bouldering, hiking, cactus growing

    Hometown: Carmel, IN

  • Guillermo de la Torre

    Department: Economics

    Certificate: Finance

    Research Interests: I am very interested in the individual deals made within markets, and how these have particular macroeconomic implications within an entire industry.  I want to get a better understanding of the connection and process between how the markets function and interact within a range of institutions, from hedge funds to the Fed, and ultimately how they are affected by public policy. I also follow the equity market and enjoy trading as a hobby.

  • Kenneth Gonzalez Santibanez

    Department:  Woodrow Wilson School

    Research Interest:  Kenneth has a particular interest in the historical background that is so often neglected in the discussion of current events. Additionally, with the help of Policy Punchline, he  aids in the effort to expand discussion and intellectual in a wide array of different ideas and policy issues. He hopes to continue this effort with JRCPPF as an Undergraduate Associate.

    Hometown:  Mesquite, Texas

  • Sean Wang

    Department:  Economics

    Research Interest:  I have been interested in the field of economics and public policy since the beginning of high school when I started listening to podcasts on economics such as Planet Money. I really enjoy learning about these subjects as I feel like it gives me insights into understanding how society functions. I am fascinated when new findings from research ultimately results in new policies that make society more efficient/better.

    Hobbies:  I play jazz drums and I love to play sports!

  • Maxwell S. Chung

    Department:  Politics

    Certificate(s):  Woodrow Wilson School (History and the Practice of Diplomacy), East Asian Studies Department

  • Julie (Chengzhi) Fang

    Department: Economics

    Certificate(s): Math Track Economics/ Statistics and Machine Learning/ Humanistic Studies 

    Research Interest:  I am interested in trade and relations between U.S. and China. I also love learning about policy-making in the field of technology, such as cryptocurrency and Artificial Intelligence. As a lover of math and statistics, I am interested in how data science can be applied to policy-making.

  • Scott Overbey

    Department:  Economics

    Certificate(s):  Statistics/Machine Learning, Urban Studies, and Political Economy

    Research Interest:  Understanding why events happen in the world in addition to just recognizing what happens in the world both excites and motivates me in my studies, extracurricular activities, and career. I want to work in a career in economics, policy, and/or finance to continue working towards illuminating truth and using that truth to help other people however possible.

  • Alexander J. Cheng

    Department:  Operations Research and Financial Engineering

    Certificate(s):  Finance, Computer Science, & Statistics & Machine Learning


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