Undergraduate Associates

  • Sophia E. Taylor

    Department:  Politics

    Certificate:  African American Studies

    Research Interest:  I am interested in exploring the intersection between public policy and critical race theory. My current research is focused on exploring informal political offices, specifically the role of political organizers and grassroots organizations in a democracy.

    Hobbies:  President and cofounder of the Literary Ladies book club. Volunteer with the PACE center.

    Hometown: San Francisco, CA

  • Leland Domaratzky

    Department:  Economics

    Certificate:  Finance, Applied and Computational Mathematics

    Research Interest:  I am interested in questions of ethics surrounding our financial institutions. In addition, I am motivated to research social security reform. Major interests also include healthcare reform, endogenous growth theory, and hyperinflation.

    Hobbies:   Chess, hiking, and reading

    Hometown:  Princeton, NJ

  • Mouhamed Ndiaye

    Department: Computer Science

    Research Interest:  I am interested in developmental economics at large, particularly on the African continent. I hope to pursue research in sectors ranging from microfinancing to agriculture.

    Hobbies:  The few hours of my day outside of classes and homework are spent playing soccer, piano, and reading obscure biographies.

    Hometown:  Dakar, Senegal


  • Emiri Morita

    Department: Economics

    Research Interest: I am interested in the role of economic policy in empowering women in the workforce, as well as economic relations in the Asia-Pacific region.

    Hobbies:  I have been playing the violin since I was three years old and am involved in many music groups on campus.

    Hometown:  Kobe, Japan


  • Sophia Lewandrowski

    Department:  Economics

    Certificate/Track: Math-Track, Pre-Med Track

    Research Interest:  My interests in public policy lie in access to Financial Literacy, monetary policy, and globalization of Latin American markets. I hope to research ideas surrounding speculative bubbles and the systemic risk that has risen in the past couple of decades.

    Hobbies:  Languages, Tennis, Art History

    Hometown: Tucson, Arizona

  • Scott R. Newman

    Department:  History

    Research Interest:  Public policy decisions and market behavior drive each other constantly. This interaction fascinates me, and I look forward to exploring it alongside my fellow undergraduate associates.

    Hobbies:  Skiing, F1 Fan, MMA, Evolutionary Psychology

    Hometown: New York, NY

  • Rohan Joshi

    Department: Computer Science

    Certificate(s):  Finance, Statistics & Machine Learning

    Honors, awards, prizes, or publications: College Council, Entrepreneurship Club, Prison Tutoring Volunteer

    Research Interest: I am interested in harnessing the power of big data analytics to craft policy that helps our society. Even with complex and multivariate problems, the power of technology and modeling can help us realize a more sustainable future.

  • William Chamberlain

     Department: Economics

    Certificate: Entrepreneurship

    Research Interest: I am deeply interested in the in the underpinnings of financial crises/market failures and the corresponding fiscal and monetary responses to them.  I'm also intrigued by the study of irrational human economic behavior and how this behavior can impact markets.

    Hobbies: Men's Club Soccer, Music Composition/Production 

    Hometown: Palo Alto, California

  • Caleb South

    Department: Mathematics

    Certificate: Values & Public Life

    Honors, awards, prizes, or publications:  Winner of the Rev. Dr. Joseph C. Williamson Sermon Competition


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