Alumni & Previous Visitors

  • Rohit Gupta

    Rohit grew up in Punjab and graduated from Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi with a major in electrical engineering. After briefly working in different technology based research roles, he felt his calling lay in public services. He was selected as an Indian Administrative Services officer in 2006. He has worked as district magistrate, which is the head of District Government in India, in six different districts.

  • Patrick T. Brown

    Department:  Woodrow Wilson School, MPA in Domestic Policy

    Research Interests: Interested in how understanding more about how political actors and institutions drive role and scope of financial regulation, particularly in how public policy choices can have unintended consequences on financial markets. Pursuing a certificate in health policy. 

    Hobbies:  Baseball; writing; chasing around two small children

    Hometown:  Redmond, Washington

  • Caleb South

    Department: Mathematics

    Certificate: Values & Public Life

    Honors, awards, prizes, or publications:  Winner of the Rev. Dr. Joseph C. Williamson Sermon Competition

  • Joelle Gamble

    Joelle is a native Californian, hailing from Riverside. She spent most of her life in the Golden State, receiving her B.A. in international development studies from UCLA in 2012. She has held research and programmatic internships in the UCLA Department of Economics and U.S. Department of State, Office of Foreign Missions Los Angeles. For the last five years, she’s worked in New York at the Roosevelt Institute. She served as the national director for the Roosevelt Institute’s network, a 40-state youth policy organization, for the three years prior to coming to Woodrow Wilson.

  • Alex Kaufman

    Alex is a second-year MPA candidate at the Woodrow Wilson School with interests in economic policy, financial regulation and impact investing. He previously worked in the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's Office of Research, and for the econ-ARK project.

  • Bunmi Otegbade

    Bunmi is building a workforce-for-the-future in Africa. Born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria, he co-founded Generation Enterprise, a non-profit reducing unemployment and poverty by providing transferrable skills and career pathways for youth through an AI-enabled skills education tool in Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya. He helps advance Government participation in the African technology ecosystem through, which funded over 80 impressive civic tech startups, and featured Mark Zuckerberg.

  • Glen Weyl

    E. Glen Weyl is principal researcher at Microsoft Research and Visiting Scholar at the Julis-Rabniowitz Center for Public Policy & Finance.   

  • Bassam J. Alalawi

    Department: Economics

    Certificate: Finance

    Hobbies:  surfing, playing ukulele, basketball, soccer

    Hometown:  Isa Town, Bahrain

  • Jean (Yoon Jee) Lee

    Department: Economics

    Research Interest: Law and finance, public economics, financial regulation 

    Hobbies: Violinist, running 

    Hometown: Vancouver, Canada


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