Jing Xie

MPA, Economic Policy
School of Public & International Affairs
Class of 2025

Jing Xie is a first year MPA student at Princeton University, specializing in Development Economics. Prior to joining Princeton, Jing amassed valuable experience as a Macroeconomic Research Analyst at the International Monetary Fund (IMF). In this role, Jing provided crucial support to a team of 14 economists, contributing to macroeconomic research projects and offering assistance to capacity development initiatives and Technical Assistant projects for developing and low-income countries. Notably, Jing also excelled as a lecturer, delivering training sessions on "Nowcasting" and providing Technical Assistance to officials from central banks and statistical offices across Asia-Pacific, Caribbean, and Sub-Saharan Africa regions. Jing's global perspective is shaped by living and studying in five cities across three countries: China, the United States, and France. This exposure to diverse cultures, people, and viewpoints has cultivated an enriched understanding and a multi-dimensional approach to analysis and problem-solving. With a strong commitment to driving positive change and fostering international collaboration, Jing aspires to make a significant impact in advancing economies and promoting sustainable development on a global scale.

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