Maxwell S. Chung

Class of 2021
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Department:  Politics

Certificate(s):  Woodrow Wilson School (History and the Practice of Diplomacy), East Asian Studies Department

Honors, Awards, Prizes or Publications: Editor-in-chief of the Business Today Online Journal (Articles I have written: and Business Manager of the Business Today Magazine Princeton Division I Men’s Fencer Undergraduate Fellow at the James Madison Program in American Ideals and Institutions Head of Alumni Relations and Head of Asia at International Princeton Senior Officer of the Princeton Aviation Association

Research Interest:  I am deeply interested in the role of public policy in financial markets and believe that the ability to interact with JRCPPF faculty affiliates, gain insight into ongoing research, and meet with high-profile speakers across industries will help me develop a more well-informed view on pressing economic issues at hand. My hope in becoming an undergraduate associate is to further classroom discussions in a concentrated and critical extracurricular setting.

Hobbies:  Foreign Policy, Finance, Fencing

Hometown: Greenwich, CT


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