Luca T. Rade

Class of 2019
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Department:  Complex Adaptive Systems (Independent)

Certificate(s):  Applied and Computational Mathematics, Technology and Society

Research Interest:  I'm broadly interested in the forces driving the aggregation of interacting individual units into cohesive systems, and the mechanisms determining the properties and dynamics of those systems, using the tools of network theory, control theory, and dynamical systems. I'm particularly interested in systemic risk, which has increased with globalization and digital interconnectedness - both out of curiosity in the underlying processes, and out of concern that the complex and interconnected character of today's global society makes it vulnerable to collapse. Finance and public policy are cornerstones of that globalized system, and are two of the main levers for shaping it and enhancing its resilience.

Hobbies:  Science fiction, basketball, existential risk

Hometown:  Amsterdam, Netherlands

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