Jack Wenye Diao

MPA, Economics and Public Policy
School of Public and International Affairs
Class of 2022

As an experienced CPA in public finance and a former service member, I have led projects promoting fiscal responsibility, small business support, poverty reduction, skill training, as well as the COVID-19 pandemic relief measures.

After graduating from McGill University in Accounting and Finance, I took on increasingly senior positions within the Government of Canada while concurrently studying towards my CPA accreditation and volunteering for non-profit charities. I spent ten years honing my expertise in Canada’s taxation, procurement, infrastructure, and economic development departments before joining the master’s program in Economics and Public Policy at Princeton University.

At Princeton, my focus is on quantitative economic analysis and econometrics, and on helping developed countries better optimize their public finances, as well as enabling middle-income countries achieve sustainable growth. I want to help design fiscal and economic policies for both developed and developing nations so that all may enjoy stability, growth, and have an opportunity to succeed—no matter their circumstances.

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