Ajita Agarwala

MPA, Economics & Public Policy
School of Public and International Affairs
Class of 2022

Ajita is an MPA candidate at the Princeton School of Public and International Affairs. She is an Indian Civil Servant with five years of experience in operational planning and execution of movement of freight and passenger trains; modernization of freight terminals; redevelopment of railway stations through PPP models; expansion of railway projects, improving safety and preparedness for disaster management. She has also worked on improving revenue generation through capacity addition of passenger and freight trains; upgradation of passenger amenities in railway stations; new revenue models for commercial contracts and advertising; redressal of public grievances; streamlining CSR funds for railway projects; coordination with Members of Parliament (MPs) in India for policy/ legislative initiatives addressing public demands.

Ajita is passionate about infrastructure financing as a means to boost local economies and its long term impact on growth redistribution and poverty reduction. After Princeton, she hopes to work at a multilateral institution to support the appetite of developing countries for equitable growth as they strive hard to catch up with the developed world.



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