Abhiram Karuppur

Class of 2019
Chair of the Undergraduate Associates (2018-19)
Undergraduate Mentor

Department:  Chemical and Biological Engineering

Certificate(s):  Finance

Honors, Awards, Prizes or Publications:  Have published articles in the Daily Princetonian, The Financier, and Innovation Science Magazine.

Research Interest:  I am interested in the intersection between public policy and science, specifically in the realms of energy policy and healthcare. I am interested in conducting research dealing with alternative energy technologies, and exploring the optimal policies governments can adopt to reduce the global carbon footprint while at the same time encourage economic development and innovation. There needs to be more awareness of the constraints and feasibilities of new policies and technologies, and more research needs to be done to develop solutions that are both scientifically and politically viable.

Hobbies:  Band, Quiz Bowl, Tennis, Traveling

Hometown: Warren, NJ

Person category: