Wednesday, May 4, 2022
Is there a role for sentiment in models of economic behavior? A new paper by Harold James and co-authors uses digitized articles from The Wall Street Journal from 1920 to1934 to investigate how broad-based shifts in sentiments could have influenced economic outcomes in the US before and after the Great Crash.
Friday, Apr 22, 2022

JRCPPF Director Atif Mian spoke to Howard Gleckman, Senior Fellow at the Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center about U.S. fiscal policy, limits to government borrowing, and interactions between interest rates, debt, and economic growth.

Wednesday, Apr 6, 2022
Highlights from the JRCPPF's eleventh annual conference...
Monday, Jan 24, 2022

Last summer,  four undergraduate students received JRCPPF financial support to sharpen their economics, finance, and policy research skills through internship experiences.

Monday, Jan 24, 2022
JRCPPF affiliated faculty presented research at the American Economics Association annual meeting...
Wednesday, Jan 12, 2022
by B. Rose Huber

JRCPPF faculty affiliate and political scientist Layna Mosley has been selected to serve as co-editor-in-chief of International Organization (IO), a leading peer-reviewed journal covering the field of...

Tuesday, Dec 21, 2021
A new book by Professor Mark Aguiar provides an integrated framework for understanding sovereign debt and default risk.
Friday, Dec 3, 2021
by Princeton Economics
In the 2021 College Fed Challenge, Princeton students tackled pandemic-era monetary policy.
Friday, Dec 3, 2021
Economic historian's new book "The War of Words: A Glossary of Globalization" included on the Financial Times' list of best books of 2021...
Friday, Oct 29, 2021
JRCPPF founding director Markus Brunnermeier was awarded the 2021 German Business Book Prize for his book “The Resilient Society.”