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Friday, Mar 4, 2016
On Feb. 19, British Prime Minister David Cameron struck a deal with European leaders to give Britain "special status" within the European Union should it decide to remain part of the 28-nation economic and political alliance.
Friday, Mar 4, 2016
A group of students and faculty affiliated with the Julis-Rabinowitz Center for Public Policy and Finance enjoyed an insightful conversation over lunch with Alvaro Uribe, former President of Colombia and currently Senator in the Colombia Parliament. The topics addressed ranged from the narco-traffic, China's investments and the economic prospect of the Latin American region among others.
Thursday, Jan 21, 2016
Senior and JRCPPF Undergraduate Associate Tyler Rudolph was among three Princeton undergraduates selected this month to join the inaugural class of Schwarzman Scholars. Together with 110 other young people, Rudolph will earn a master's degree next at the prestigious Tsinghua University in Beijing.
Friday, Jan 15, 2016
Princeton University students enjoyed an intimate discussion with economist and former Egyptian finance minister Youssef Boutros-Ghali during an informal lunch hosted by The Julis-Rabinowitz Center for Public Policy and Finance. 
Friday, Dec 18, 2015
The Princeton University Office of Communications and the Woodrow Wilson School published an interview yesterday with JRCPPF faculty affiliate and Gordon S. Rentschler Memorial Professor of Economics and Public Affairs Alan Blinder about his take on the Federal Reserve's decision to raise interest rates this Wednesday. Blinder, also former vice chairman of the Fed, offered unique insight on the implications for the U.S. economy.  
Tuesday, Dec 15, 2015
Ashoka Mody is the Charles and Marie Robertson Visiting Professor in International Economic Policy and Lecturer in Public and International Affairs at Princeton University.
Monday, Dec 14, 2015
Evan Soltas, an undergraduate associate of our Center, together with former Google data scientist Seth Stephens-Davidowitz (who visited JRCPFF for a public talk, "Big Data and the Social Sciences," in February), contributed an opinion piece for The New York Times, which was published on Sunday. 
Monday, Dec 14, 2015
In advance of their forthcoming book "The Euro Crisis as a Battle of Ideas," JRCPPF faculty affiliates Markus Brunnermeier and Harold James discussed several key cultural and economic philosophy differences that impede resolution of the Eurozone Crisis, at a lecture that the two gave to Woodrow Wilson School students last month.
Thursday, Dec 10, 2015
Dr. M. Chatib Basri, former Minister of Finance and Chairman of the Investment Coordinating Board of Indonesia, shared his unique insights on the “taper tantrum” of 2013 - and described the Indonesian response to this shock, with clarity and wit - during a lunch and lecture at the Woodrow Wilson School on December 8th.
Wednesday, Dec 9, 2015
From the INET website: "Lord Adair Turner visited the Oxford Martin Lecture Theatre on Tuesday 24 November for a well-attended INET Oxford event launching his latest book Between Debt and the Devil: Money, Credit, and Fixing Global Finance (Princeton University Press).


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