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Tuesday, Nov 22, 2016
On November 17th, Jean-Hugues J. Monier, Senior Partner with the Corporate Finance & Strategy practice at McKinsey & Company gave a talk on the crucial role that big investors must play to end the plague of short-termism - the exclusive focus on quarterly returns and relentless shareholder pressures.
Tuesday, Nov 22, 2016
On October 19, Pakistan’s Chief Economist at the Ministry of Planning Dr. Nadeem Javaid presented a talk, hosted by the Julis-Ravinowitz Center for Public Policy & Finance, about the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) initiative.
Thursday, Nov 17, 2016
Jeremy Stein '83, Harvard professor and former member of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve, delivered the Princeton Lectures in Finance on Nov. 8-9. The title of the lecture series was "Financial-Market Challenges for Central Banks" and included two lectures:
Monday, Nov 14, 2016
To many Americans observing the string of economic crises and squabbles that have convulsed the eurozone over the past seven years, the European Union has come to look more like a dysfunctional marriage than the political-economic union it was intended to be—a blended, modern-day family coming out of a union between two entirely different partners who realized that if they didn’t marry, then they would surely end up killing each other.
Thursday, Oct 27, 2016
The October 29th edition of the Economist reviews the "The Euro and the Battle of Ideas."  You can read the review here.
Thursday, Oct 27, 2016
Alan Krueger, the Lynn Bendheim Thoman, Class of 1976, and Robert Bendheim, Class of 1937, Professor in Economics and Public Policy, has been named the 2017 recipient of the Daniel Patrick Moynihan Prize by the American Academy of Political and Social Science.
Monday, Oct 10, 2016
For the seventh consecutive year, The Julis-Rabinowitz Center for Public Policy and Finance (JRCPPF) offered an intensive 4-day short course, “Financial Markets for Public Policy Professionals,” to second year master’s of public administration (MPA) and master’s of public policy (MPP) students from the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and Interna
Thursday, Sep 29, 2016
Like the vast majority of his fellow economists, former Bank of England Chief Economist Sir John Vickers acknowledges having had no special premonition of the financial crisis in 2008 and of having been blindsided by the severity of the crisis and its impact on the banks and the financial system.
Tuesday, Sep 27, 2016
Aslihan Asil, Undergraduate Associate of JRCPPF, was awarded the George B. Wood Legacy Junior Prize at Opening Exercises on Sunday, Sept. 11.  The prize is given to members of the senior class in recognition of exceptional academic achievement during junior year. 
Monday, Aug 29, 2016
The Financial Times quoted Markus Brunnermeier as giving the following advice to Central Bankers on the advisability of negative interest rates: "Yes you can go negative, but check your banking system before you do it, and don't do it loo long, and do it in the right sequence." Brunnermeier's research has been looking at the possibility that as rates are cut they can become counter-productive


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