Uwe Reinhardt, renowned health economist and beloved teacher, dies at 80

Wednesday, Nov 15, 2017

Uwe Reinhardt, renowned Princeton University health economist and beloved professor, died on November 13, 2017.  He was 80 years old. 

Reinhardt was a leading authority on health care economics and considered "a moral compas for American health care" by the Kaiser Family Foundation.  He had an uncanny ability to explain complex issues in clear terms and was famous for his dry wit.  He taught at Princeton since 1968 and was an exceptionally engaging and beloved teacher.

Reinhardt was a member of the Julis-Rabinowitz Center Executive Committee. Reacting to this sad news, Atif Mian, JRCPPF Director tweeted, "Uwe was a wonderful friend and colleague. A tremendous scholar. One of the best teachers at Princeton. I was always amazed at the breadth of his knowledge and his deep interest in everything that touched public interest. He had a heart of gold. Having witnessed the horrid consequences of the rise of fascism in Germany early in his life, he was especially sensitive to the politics of hate, division and authoritarianism. When political air turned nasty in the U.S., especially toward those seen as “foreign” by some, he emailed me – in his sickness – to say, “I hope you and your family are not touched by this madness”.

Uwe Reinhardt will be sorely missed by all of us at JRCPPF.

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