JRCPPF Alumni Forum Panel on Sovereign Debt

June 13, 2022

The JRCPPF Alumni Forum hosted a panel discussion about managing sovereign debt in the post-pandemic context as part of Princeton Reunions 2022. Over sixty Princeton alumni attended the event,  Managing Sovereign Debt in a Changed World: Economics, Politics & Finance, to hear Mark Plant *82 and Prof. Layna Mosley join Linda Goldberg *88 for a moderated discussion. Debt distress and potential defaults in countries like Sri Lank and Zambia illustrate the immense challenges for low-income countries as they have limited fiscal space to both fund their post-pandemic recovery and meet debt servicing obligations. Plant talked about the origins of the debt distress in low-income countries and highlighted the limitations of debt restructuring mechanisms in the current international financial system. Mosley discussed the internal politics of sovereign borrowing, the growing heterogeneity among lenders, and the increasingly important role played by China in sovereign financing.

JRCPPF Alumni Forum co-founders Hamza Chaudhry '19 and Abhiram Karuppur '19 officially led the event. Princeton alumni can discover more about the JRCPPF Alumni Forum by joining the TigerNet Discussion group.

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