Mosley Selected Co-Editor of International Organization

Written by
B. Rose Huber
Jan. 12, 2022

JRCPPF faculty affiliate and political scientist Layna Mosley has been selected to serve as co-editor-in-chief of International Organization (IO), a leading peer-reviewed journal covering the field of international affairs.

Mosley is a professor of politics and international affairs at the Princeton School of Public and International Affairs. Her research explores the connections between domestic politics and the global economy as well as international relations more generally. She teaches courses at Princeton on the politics of the global economy, global political risk analysis, and qualitative research methods.

One of Mosley’s recent studies, published in IO, is among the first to show and explain a new trend: Developing countries tend to borrow in domestic currencies (rather than in foreign currencies) when issuing sovereign bonds. Governments with left-leaning ideologies are especially likely to choose this strategy. Read more...