Four JRCPPF UA Seniors Present their Theses at Luncheon

May 19, 2016

The Julis-Rabinowitz Center for Public Policy and Finance celebrated the end of the 2015-2016 academic year earlier this month with a Prospect House luncheon for our Undergraduate Associates. In addition to enjoying their meals and catching up with their classmates, four senior UAs also presented on their senior research theses. 

Evan Soltas ’16, advised by JRCPPF director Atif Mian, studied shocks to mortgage credit supply and how these shocks affected Spanish home prices from 1995-2008. Domagoj Babic ’16, advised by visiting lecturer in economics Anne-Laure Delatte, examined the distributional effect of the European Central Bank’s quantitative easing through the lens of the European housing market. Joseph Atlas ’16, advised by chair of the Operations Research and Financial Engineering department Rene Carmona, studied the effects of uncertain long-run fundamentals on the probability of a bank run. Judy Hou ’16, advised by Nancy Reichman, analyzed the effect of board diversity (the presence of female members and/or members of an ethnic minority) on a firm’s ROA (return on assets) and Tobin’s q (the ratio between the market value of a company's equity and liabilities with its corresponding book values). 

According to the students, exchanges with JRCPPF visitors or with others at JRCPPF events throughout the year were decidedly influential as they honed and shaped their research questions and methods. Domagoj Babic shared that the opportunity to talk with November 2015 visitor Adam Guren helped him gain greater focus on his research topic. During a conversation with Alan Blinder at a JRCPPF-sponsored luncheon earlier this year, Judy Hou gained the guidance she needed to best formulate her research approach. 

Every senior at Princeton University writes a senior thesis; the inspiration and formulation of research questions and ideas begins as early as the outset of the undergraduate career, and takes clearer shape as the years pass. As these Undergraduate Associates have discovered, becoming involved with a center like JRCPPF offers learning opportunities that extend beyond the classroom, often with unexpected payoffs like those described above. 

The faculty and staff of The Julis-Rabinowitz Center for Public Policy and Finance are very proud of our graduating UA’s for the hard work and dedication required to conduct and prepare a thesis, and we congratulate them on their upcoming graduation.

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