Congratulations to the Undergraduate Class of 2020

May 18, 2020

JRCPPF congratulates our undergraduate student associates in the Class of 2020! We wish them much success in their future careers. And congratulations to Jacob Berman for receiving the Spirit of Princeton Award.

Class of 2020 JRCPPF Undergraduate Associates

Jacob Berman (Economics, Finance and Political Economy)

Roxana Biglari (Economics, Finance)

Adam Chang (Operations Research and Financial Engineering, Spanish)

Audrey Cheng (Operations Research and Financial Engineering)

Will Crawford (History)

David Garfunkel (History, Entrepreneurship)

Nicholas Garvey (Economics)

Jonathan Lam (Economics)

Brandon Mintzer (East Asian Studies)

Max Parsons (Economics)

Nicholas Ritter (Economics, Statistics & Machine Learning, Applied Mathematics)

Bradley Spicher (Economics, Statistics & Machine Learning)

Gabriel Swagel (Economics, Computer Science)

Sophia Taylor (Politics)

Alexandra Wilson (Molecular Biology, Global Health and Computer Science)

Jason Xu (Computer Science)

Kevin Yu (Operations Research and Financial Engineering, Finance)

Eric Zhao (Psychology)


The Spirit of Princeton Award:  Honoring Princeton University undergraduates for positive contributions to campus life.
Winner: Jacob Berman 


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