Congratulations to our Graduating Student Associates

Thursday, Jun 8, 2017
by vrosenth

JRCPPF congratulates our undergraduate associates class of 2017 and wishes them much success in the new phase of their lives as Princeton alumni.  

Undergraduate Associates Class of 2017:
Haider Abbas+ (Woodrow Wilson School)
Aslihan Asil***+(Economics)
Dhruv Bansal*+ (ORFE)
Caitlin Chambers*+ (Woodrow Wilson School)
Rene Chalom*** (Economics)
Richard Chang** (Woodrow Wilson School)
Daniel Chen*** (Economics)
Ujjwal Dahuja*** (Economics)
Benjamin Fridman* (Political Science)
Ararat Gocmen*** (History)
Hyeon Seon (Kate) Ju* (ORFE)
Jay Karandikar*+ (ORFE)
Namn Jain** (ORFE)
Christopher Perron (Economics)
Ashesh Rambachan*** (Economics)
Andrew Tynes* (Economics)
Aron Villareal*+(Economics)
Connor Werth (Economics)

*** Highest Honors, ** High Honors, *Honors, +Certificate of Finance

Economics, Finance and Public Policy Prizes and award winners:

Halbert White ’72 Prize in Economics: Awarded annually to the most outstanding senior economics major, as evidenced by excellence in departmental coursework, and creativity in the junior papers and senior thesis.
WinnersAslihan Asil and
Daniel Chen

Burton G. Malkiel *64 Senior Thesis Prize in Finance
: Awarded annually for the most outstanding thesis in the field of finance.
WinnersDaniel Chen (Advisor: Motohiro Yogo)

Wolf Balleisen Memorial Prize: The best thesis on an economics subject, written by an economics major.
WinnerRené Chalom (Advisor: William Hanlon)

John Glover Wilson Memorial Award: The best thesis on international economics or politics.
WinnersAndrew Tynes (Advisor: Atif Mian) 

Walter C. Sauer ’28 Prize (joint eligibility with Politics, WWS). Prize awarded annually to the student whose thesis or research project on any aspect of United States foreign trade is judged to be the most creative.
WinnerAslihan Asil (Advisor: Swati Bhatt)

Undergraduate Research Forum: Awarded annually to the five best senior thesis in economic policy.
Aslihan Asil (Advisor: Swati Bhatt)
René Chalom (Advisor: William Hanlon)

National Science Foundation Fellowship
Ashesh Rambachan