Congratulations Class of 2024!

May 28, 2024

Congratulations to the JRCPPF Student Associates on all their achievements!

Graduate Associate Awards

  • Nick Brown, Distinction on the QE1, International Development
  • Tom Carter, Distinction on the QE2, Economic Policy
  • Charlie Fraser, The Bradford Prize: Awarded to the Science, Technology, and Environmental Policy student who has achieved both a distinguished academic record and a record of service to the STEP program. Distinction on the QE2, International Development.
  • Caroline Kuritzkes, Distinction on the QE2, International Development

Undergraduate Associate Awards

  • Dickson Bowman, Walter C. Sauer ’28 Prize: Joint eligibility with Politics, SPIA.  Prize awarded annually to the student whose thesis or research project on any aspect of United States foreign trade is judged to be the most creative.
  • Jampel Dorjee, Griswold Center for Economic Policy Studies Prize: Awarded annually to the five seniors with the best policy-relevant theses.
  • Katie Kolodner, The Proctor and Gamble Price: Awarded to a graduating senior(s) who has written the best thesis in operations research or finance.
  • Shirley Ren, Wolf Balleisen Memorial Prize:  The best thesis on an economics subject, written by an economics major.
  • Maya Satchell, Elizabeth Bogan Prize in Economics:  Awarded annually for the best thesis in health, education or welfare.

Class of 2024

Undergraduate Associates

Graduate Associates

  • Adwoa Afrifa, Economics
  • Ebun Ajayi, SPIA, *
  • William Ao, Computer Science *
  • Sruthi Bharadwaj, SPIA **
  • Dickson Bowman, Economics ***
  • Melissa Chun, ORFE
  • Jampel Dorjee, Economics
  • Steven Freidenrich, Economics
  • Teddy Gutman, French & Italian *
  • Noah Harrigan, Economics *
  • Daniel Hu, Computer Science
  • Michelle Huang, ORFE
  • Calvin Hunt, SPIA *
  • Sabina Jafri, Economics
  • Vivek Kolli, ORFE
  • Katie Kolodner, ORFE
  • Alan Lin, ORFE
  • Ananya Parashar, ORFE
  • Sydney Pargman, Economics 
  • Marko Petrovic, SPIA
  • Shirley Ren, Economics ***
  • Mark Rosario, SPIA
  • Maya Satchell, Economics **
  • Mohan Setty-Charity, Economics *
  • Kellsie Shan, Economics **
  • Zoe Simon, Economics **
  • Adithya Sriram, ORFE
  • Rajiv Swamy, Computer Science *
  • Christopher Thomas, Economics
  • Dylan Tie-Shue , ORFE
  • Lana Utley, Economics *
  • Bryan Wang, Computer Science ***
  • Gloria Wang, Economics ***
  • Lawrence Wang, Economics
  • Stone Yang, Economics *
  • Aster Zhang , Economics **


*** Highest Honors, ** High Honors, * Honors

  • Funke Aderonmu, MPA, International Development 
  • Lilian Best, MPP        
  • Nick Brown, MPA       
  • Tom Carter, MPA, Economic Policy
  • Adhitya Dhanapal, Ph.D., History Department
  • Charlie Fraser, MPA, International Development 
  • Zach Gross, MPA, International Relations
  • Thomas Horn, MPP, Economics and Public Policy
  • John Kearns, MPA, Economic Policy
  • Kimberly Kreiss, MPA, Economic Policy
  • Caroline Kuritzkes, MPA, International Development
  • Nong Li, MPA, International Development
  • Rachel Morrow, MPA, Domestic Policy
  • Elmir Mukhtarov, MPA, International Development
  • Graciela Muniz Cahuana, MPP 
  • Fernando Pernas, MPA, Economic Policy
  • Achinthya Sivalingam, MPA, International Development