Congratulations to the Class of 2022!

June 3, 2022

Congratulations to the JRCPPF Student Associates on all their achievements!

Graduate Associate Awards

  • Bridget Kelly, Winner of the David Bradford Prize, awarded to a graduating senior in recognition of achievement and exemplary citizenship in the Program in Science, Technology, & Environmental Policy (STEP).

Undergraduate Associate Awards

  • Emily Philippides, Griswold Center for Economic Policy Studies Senior Thesis Prize, awarded annually to five seniors with the best policy-relevant theses.
  • Katharine McCallum, Leigh Buchanan Bienen and Henry S. Bienen Senior Thesis Prize from the East Asian Studies Program.
  • Kenneth D. Gonzalez Santibanez, C.O. Joline Prize in American History, awarded for the two best theses by a senior on any phase of American history.
  • Roopa Venkatraman, Philo Sherman Bennett Prize in Politics, awarded to the junior or senior who has written the best essay discussing the principles of free government.
  • Richard Yang, Howard Crosby Warren Prize, awarded to the seniors with the highest overall combined senior thesis, comprehensive exam, and psychology course grades.

Class of 2022: Graduate Associates

Ajita Agarwala, MPA, Economics and Public Policy

Juan Pablo Alvarez EnrĂ­quez, MPA, International Development

George Brady, MPP, International Development Policy

Karel Chromy, MPP, Economics and Public Policy

Jack Diao, MPA, Economics and Public Policy

Karlin Gatton, MPA, Economics and Public Policy

Sophie Graham, MPA, Economics and Public Policy

Philippa Haven, MPA, Economics and Public Policy

Liane M. Hewitt, Ph.D., Economic History

Bridget Kelly, MPA, Domestic Policy

Chang-Boong Lee, MPA, Economics and Public Policy

Jia Jun Lee, MPA, Economics and Public Policy

Joshua Seawell, MPA, Economics and Public Policy

Kantheera Tipkanjanarat, MPA, International Development

Francis Torres   MPA, Economics and Public Policy

Juan Carlos Urcia Barea, MPA, Domestic Policy

Maria Luisa Zeta Valladolid, MPA, Economics and Public Policy


Class of 2022: Undergraduate Associates

Charles An (Computer Science)                                             

Arman Badrei (Politics, Journalism and Spanish)                             

Danice Ball (Civil and Environmental Engineering)                          

George Baughan (Economics)                                               

Allen Dai (Economics)   

Leland Domaratzky *** (Economics, Applied and Computational Mathematics)       

Guillermo de la Torre ** (Economics, Finance)   

Owen Engel ** (SPIA, Neuroscience, Sustainable Energy)             

Julie (Chengzhi) Fang * (Economics, Humanistic Studies, Statistics and Machine Learning)                          

Aatmik Gupta (Economics)                                                    

Joshua Haile (Politics)    

Qingxi (Tim) Jia (Neuroscience, Global Health, East Asian Studies)                          

Gio Kim (Economics, Finance)                                

Samuel Lee (Economics, Finance, Statistics and Machine Learning)                        

Arturo Leis-Pretto * (Economics, Finance)           

Sophia Lewandrowski * (Economics, Math-Track, Pre-Med Track)                           

Katharine McCallum *** (SPIA, Finance, East Asian Studies, and African American Studies)                        

Emiri Morita * (Economics)        

Mouhamed Ndiaye (Economics, French, Finance, African Studies)                          

Christal Ng (Economics, Entrepreneurship, Finance)                                    

Phoebe Park (Civil and Environmental Engineering, Engineering and Liberal Arts)                                  

Emily Philippides * (Economics)

Kevin Polanish *** (History, Finance)                   

Bailey Ransom * (SPIA, African American Studies)

Kenneth D. Gonzalez Santibanez * (History, Program in Latin American Studies)             

Cindy Song * (Economics, Statistics and Machine Learning)

Roopa Venkatraman * (Politics, Statistics and Machine Learning, French, European Politics and Society)   

Richard Yang *** (Psychology, Cognitive Science and Linguistics)

Victoria Zhou * (Economics, Finance, Applications of Computing)


Honors *, High Honors **, Highest Honors ***

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