James O'Donnell

MPA, Economic Policy
School of Public and International Affairs
Class of 2023

Jimmy is an MPA student at the School of Public and International Affairs. Originally from Massachusetts, he attended Villanova University where he earned his B.A. in Economics and Political Science. Jimmy’s senior thesis explored the relationship between union density and U.S. wage inequality during the late 20th century. Upon graduation, he received a Fulbright research grant and moved to Finland to study their basic income experiment. Returning from the Fulbright, Jimmy began working at the Brookings Institution as a research assistant, studying a broad array of domestic economic policy issues including a federal job guarantee, labor unions, and the gig economy. After Brookings, Jimmy worked as a research and policy analyst at the Economic Innovation Group before coming to Princeton. Jimmy’s particular research interests are in workers’ rights, labor market institutions, and the future of work(ers).

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