2024 - Macrofinance in the Long Run

13th Annual JRCPPF Conference

Macrofinance in the Long Run: New Insights on the Global Economy

Organized by the Julis-Rabinowitz Center for Public Policy & Finance, the 2024 conference explored significant questions for long-run macrofinance. The keynotes and panel sessions highlight several critical issues that can help explain the shifts in long-run economic trends. Why has capital formation been so limited over the past few decades despite long-term low, real rates? Understanding the dynamics of this relationship becomes crucial as the global economy adapts to the tightening cycle initiated in 2022. Rising rates will have differential impacts across different sectors and regions, hurting some economies more than others. Delving deeper, the conference explored the structural roots of macroeconomic imbalances (both in terms of cross-border imbalances and inequality within countries), how these imbalances arise, and the linkages with interest rates and financial markets.

Videos & slides

Session 1

Supply-side macroeconomic policy [SLIDES]

Lisa D. Cook


Session 2

Inflation and asset prices in the long run [SLIDES]

Ben S. Bernanke


Session 3

Monetary, fiscal, and macroprudential policies and long-run structural challenges [SLIDES]

Keynote Speakers

Lisa D. Cook
Ben S. Bernanke