2018 - The Future of Globalization: Trade, Finance, and Politics

Held on February 22-23, 2018 at Princeton University, the conference explored how globalization has fueled greater global economic growth but has also been a highly disruptive force that has fed the rise of populism, the deepening of income inequality, the rise of anti-immigrant sentiment and the increase in financial systemic risk. What is the future of globalization and what policies can meet its challenges? Videos, papers presented, and corresponding slides are posted below. Selected photos from the conference are here.

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Videos, Papers, & Slides

Global Financial Cycles

Helene Rey, Lord Bagri Professor of Economics, London Business School | Slides
Hyun Song Shin, Economic Adviser and Head of Research, The Bank for International Settlements
"Tracking the international footprints of global firms" (with Stefan Avdjiev, Mary Everett and Philip R. Lane)| Slides
Moderator: Nobu Kiyotaki, Princeton University

Trade & Manufacturing

Laura Alfaro, Warren Alpert Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School 
"The Real Exchange Rate, Innovation and Productivity: A Cross-Country Firm-level Analysis" (with Alejandro Cunat, Harald Fadinger and Yanping Liu) | Slides |  Video
Dave Donaldson, Professor of Economics, MIT 
"External Economies of Scale and Industrial Policy: A View from Trade" (with Dominick Bartelme, Arnoud Castinot and Andres Rodriguez-Clare) | Slides  Video
Shang-Jin Wei, Professor of Finance and Economics, Graduate School of Business, Columbia University | Slides
David Weinstein, Carl S. Shoup Professor of the Japanese Economy, Columbia University
Chair: Stephen J. Redding, Princeton University

Trade, Immigration, & Inequality

Ariel Burstein, Professor of Economics, UCLA
"Tradability and the Labor Market Impact of Immigration: Theory and Evidence for the U.S.(with Gordon Hanson, Lin Tian and Jonathan Vogel) | Slides | Video
Andres Rodriguez-Clare, Edward G. and Nancy S. Jordan Professor of Economics, University of California, Berkeley
"Slicing the Pie: Quantifying the Aggregate and Distributional Effects of Trade" (with Simon Galle and Moises Yi)  | Slides | Video
Oleg Itskhoki, Professor of Economics and International Affairs, Department of Economics and Woodrow Wilson School, Princeton University |  Slides 
Lorenzo Caliendo, Associate Professor of Economics, Yale School of Management | Slides
Chair: Esteban Rossi-Hansberg, Princeton University

Keynote Address

Dani Rodrik, Ford Foundation Professor of International Political Economy, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University
“Globalization and the Populist Backlash” | Slides
Introduction: Atif Mian, John H. Laporte, Jr. Class of 1967 Professor in Public Policy and Finance, Princeton University

International Finance

Javier Bianchi, Senior Research Economist, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis
"Exchange Rate Policies at the Zero Lower Bound" (with Manuel Amador, Javier Bianchi,Luigi Boccola and Fabrizio Perri) | Slides | Video
Wenxin Du, Principal Economist, Federal Reserve Board
“The Dollar, Bank Leverage and Deviations from Covered Interest Rate Parity” (with Stefan Avdjiev, Catherine Koch and Hyun Song Shin) | Slides | Video
Richard Levich, Professor of Finance and International Business, New York University | Slides | Video
Olivier Jeanne, Professor, Department of Economics, Johns Hopkins University | Slides | Video
Chair: Atif Mian, Princeton University

The Future of Europe

Jaume Ventura, Senior Researcher at Center de Recerca en Economia Internacional, Professor at UPF, and Barcelona GSE Research Professor
Globalization and Political Structure" | Slides  
Soumaya Keynes, Economist and Journalist, The Economist
Chair: Markus K. Brunnermeier, Princeton University

2018 Conference

Keynote Speaker

Dani Rodrick

Dani Rodrik, Ford Foundation Prof. of Int'l Economic Policy, Harvard Kennedy School, Harvard University