Videos, Papers and Slides

Keynote: Robert E. Hall


Other Presenters:

Chris Carroll: "Credit and Saving in the Long Run and Over the Business Cycle" (Paper | Slides)

Amir Sufi: "The Effect of Interest Rate and Collateral Value Shocks on Household Spending" (Paper | Slides)

Adair Morse: "Trickle-Down Consumption" (Paper | Slides)

David Laibson: "Present Bias and Consumption" (Paper | Slides)

Raj Chetty: "Active vs. Passive Decisions and Crowd-Out in Retirement Savings Accounts: Evidence from Denmark" (Paper | Slides)

Jonathan Zinman: "Follow the Money: Methods for Identifying Consumption and Investment Responses to a Liquidity Shock" (Paper | Slides)

Annamaria Lusardi: "Debt and Debt Management Among Older Adults" (Paper | Slides)

Gregor Matvos: "Advertising Expensive Mortgages" (Paper | Slides)

Johanness Stroebel: "Very Long-Run Discount Rates" (Paper | Slides)