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Tuesday, Jan 23, 2018
A recent study conducted in India, reveals that a flexible repayment option improves borrowers’ business outcomes without undermining repayment rates. Lenders in developing countries need to adopt a more customized approach towards borrowers.
Friday, Jan 5, 2018
A recent article in the Economist examining the effect of President Trump's tweets on domestic policy cites Mian, Sufi and Khoshkhou's research.
Tuesday, Dec 19, 2017
The need for a more risk-sharing alternative to traditional mortgage debt is the key lesson to be drawn from the Great Recession that is the conclusion of Atif Mian, Director of the Julis-Rabinowitz Center for Public Policy and Finance and co-author of House of Debt, who recently visited the Reserve Bank of New Zealand.  
Tuesday, Dec 19, 2017
In the Financial Times article, "How Donald Trump uses tribal loyalty to drive economic optimism" by Gillian Tett, Atif's paper (co-authored with Amir Sufi and Nasim Khoshkhou), states “Partisan bias is exerting a stronger influence on economic expectations over time . . .”

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