Lunch with Ana Navarro - CNN Commentator

Ana Navarro is a Nicaraguan-born American former Republican strategist and political commentator for various news outlets, including CNN, CNN en Español, ABC News, Telmundo and The View. A lifelong Republican, Navarro was a prominent voice in this year’s presidential campaign, creating a stir as she took a strong stand against Republican nominee (now President-Elect) Donald Trump.

Lunch with Álvaro Uribe

Álvaro Uribe was the 31st President of Colombia, from 2002 to 2010. He was then elected senator in the 2014 parliamentary election, and took office that July; his term ends in 2018. According to Colombia Reports, he is the first two-term president and first former head of state in Colombian history to become a senator after occupying the presidency.

Uribe will be visiting the Woodrow Wilson School as part of the School’s Leadership Through Mentorship program. He is visiting as the School’s 2016 Syngman Rhee 1910 Lecturer. 

Lunch with Sheila C. Bair

Sheila C. Bair is the former Chairperson of the U.S. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, and author of the Best Seller "Bull by the Horns: Fighting to Save Main Street from Wall Street and Wall Street from Itself" and more recently of the book for young adults “The Bullies of Wall Street: This Is How Greedy Adults Messed Up Our Economy.”  Currently, she is President of Washington College and Chair of the independent, non-partisan Systemic Risk Council that aims to monitor and encourage regulatory reform of U.S. capital markets focused on systemic risk.

Global Economic Policy Issues and Emerging Markets

This is a talk followed by dinner with Arminio Fraga.

Arminio Fraga is the founding partner at Gavea Investimentos, an investment management firm he founded in August 2003, based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Fraga was the chairman of the board, BM&F Bovespa, Brazil’s securities, commodities and derivatives exchange, from April 2009 to April 2013, and was the president of the Central Bank of Brazil from March 1999 to December 2002. From 1993 until his appointment as governor of the Central Bank, he was managing director of Soros Fund Management in New York.


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